“My Journey with New Era”

July 02, 2015

I remember like it was just yesterday – it was ten long years ago. I, only four, gazed at the building where the car had halted. New Era was only two fleers high back then, a complete different building, That Year of 2004, the school’s first running year, the principal was Seema ma’am. She was – back then – a good friend of my parents’. As the car stopped, my sister opened up the door and I came out . My eyes looked up to the building – little did I know then, that it would be my School for a coming decade. We went in, and straight to the office. I don’t remember the details then, my parents and the Principal were talking all in English – which was completely out of my mind, back then. Then the Principal interviewed me, and of course, I got admission. But, when you’re four you really don’t appreciate that. School was really a dungeon to me – sometimes it still is. Mom asked when I should start. Uh Oh! The answer was like a building of sandess to me – ‘Today’.

I wasn’t in my uniform nor did I have books – but that doesn’t matter when you’re four – and so I went straight to class. Crying, of course.

I don’t remember much after that. School still seemed like a dungeon to me, because I had like no friends, back then. And I won’t say it did improve after I got some, in fourth I’ve participated in every elocution or extempore or debate for English, ever since third. And yeah, – I’m not boasting – but I DID get first in every one of them.

I’d really like to thank Mr. Bhattacharya, for the Book fair – it was my first novel, back them, “Mystery of the Burning House.” And when you got one novel like that, there’s no stopping, I tell you. I’ve read like eighty more of them. And let me tell you, while you would be reading this, I would be reading a novel.

After Fifth, The School was no longer dungeon – except some periods. I got good friends, who I still have, and good teachers-far too many to name here. I’ve been like many tims on the stage, since I got that awesome British accent – Not Boasting. The Teachers say that, what’s my fault.

Now that I go through my grades, I realize I’m a straight-A student. Always. I read the reports, and teachers have said – “He’s a bit shy, but a good student.” and “He really Loves Thomas.”Well, I’d have to thank Thomas for that British accent.

Anyways, filled with many ups and downs, bad teachers, o-so-boring advices, we-know-that-okay? lectures, oh-come-on-stop! teachers, and loads more was my journey with New Era.

– Jainil Devani
Std. 8th B

“My House on Fire”