Save Yourself from “No mood”

July 02, 2015

                  Today we hear so many time that many young children say we don’t have mood to do any work. The mental disease of mood paining so many youth. They are delaying their important work for next day. they are spending their time in watching T.V. Turning pages of newspaper.

                  All people have to save their self from no mood disease. It we are doing same try than we can take our self in mood. We have just eight to ten hour for work. We have to use it perfectly. We schooled not waste our time other wise we may lose the chance of developing ourself.

                  One scientist say that start work from small ling. Small work give you courage to do big work in life.

There are some hint to do always active.

  • Do something – Always do something Never sit silent.
  • To listen your favourite music :- Listen mild music. That will help you to do a hard work.
  • Reading :- You should read a book that will give you motivation.
  • The book have a exampale of big personality give you perfect motivation for working.
  • Exercise & Bath
    If you deserve good mentality you should do exercise. It will give you freshness.
    Due to exersice, in your body Blood circulation will improve. Bathing will remove your
    mental tiredness.
  • Never say no mood :-
    You should not say no mood to someone.

– Khushi S. Vidja
Std. :- 7th B

God Help Those Who Help themselves“Culture of India”