“Child Labour Is a Social Evil”

July 02, 2015

Laboures below the age of 12 years are called child labour. India has the largest number of child labour in the world. According to the census pigure of 1991, India has 11.29 millon child labourers, which constitute. 1.34 per cent of the total polulation of our country. Most of the child labourers are enagaged in agriculture and allied subject like lives stock. Foresting and fisheries. In the urban areas, children works in dhabas, eateries helpers or cleaners in trucks and as domestic servant etc. They have long working hours, bad and unhygienic working conditions and fewer wages. The main reason behind child labour is poverty. Children born in poor families are forced to work not only for their own survival but also for their family. Awareness of the people and Government and also compels poor parents to make their children employed as laaboures in the agricultural forms, factories, brick kilns and as domestic servants. Let us all take a step to ban this eveil.

– Abhishek Negi
Std. :- 4th A

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