Co-Curricular Activities

  • Competitions prepare child for life

    Elbert Hubbart has rightly said, The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.

    Education is the process which ensures the over-all development of a  child. The school work like research centre which always aims at bringing out the best which is already lying dormant in every child and to achieve this very objective of education, we at NEPS always organize a number of activity which may help in promoting the all round development of our children. Mostly all the competitions are inter house competitions which encourage them to play for their respective house, to do their best and to maximize their efforts which finally develops in them the spirit which will defiantly enable them to overcome any challenges that befall on them

  • Competitive Examinationsfor overall development

    New Era has always set her apart from other schools by organizing various kind of activities to ensure the overall development of a child.

    We not only conduct syllabus oriented exams but we also conduct various competitive exams like Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, English Olympiad, Cyber Olympiad, Britania Quiz etc. These exams are held every year which have helped us to get to know students aptitude in various subject.

  • Investiture Ceremonyleaders of tomorrow

    Nelson Mandela once said, For a leader it is better to lead from behind and to put others in front especially when you celebrate victory but it is the best for a leader to lead from front when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. “

    So guided by the same idea we at NEPS try to cultivate the quality of leadership among the students i.e. to lead from the front by organizing investiture Ceremony.

    The day becomes very inspiring as well as motivating because this is the day to appoint our senior students of class 9th and 10th as the head boy and the head girl. Other house posts like House Captain, Sports Captain, Cultural In charge, School prefects are also filled.

  • Our school'sin House bulletin

    This News Bulletin is called Reflections.

    To bring out the best creative talents our students we bring out a Quarterly in-house newsletter which showcases all our school activities with plenty of photography and brief write ups.

    This News Bulletin is called Reflections” and is our colourfully designed mouthpiece with contributions to bring out our students’ Journalistic skills. It is sent to all the parents and well wishers of the school and has caught their imagination and they wait for the next issue of Reflections very eagerly.

  • Competitions & Tournaments

    We conduct Inter house competitions in different Indoor and Outdoor games and sports to select students for higher levels of competitions.

    Almost every year our boys & girls win Taluka-level competitions in Volleyball, Basketball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho and win many gold and silver medals.

    Our athletes also win laurels for the school and win plenty of gold silver and bronze medals in the individual and team events. 

    • ˜        English & Hindi Hand Writing Competition    
    • ˜        Interclass Drawing Competition
    • ˜        Full Activity Club – Cookies Hobby
    • ˜        Elocution Competition
    • ˜        Inter Class P.P.T.
    • ˜        Patriotic Song Competition
    • ˜        General Quiz Competition
    • ˜        Spell bee Competition
    •         Festival Poster Making Competition
    • ˜        Diwali Card, Rangoli & Diya Making Competition
    • ˜        Extempore Competition
    • ˜        English & Hindi Debate Competition
    • ˜        Rakhi Making Competition
    • ˜        Article or Poetry & Autobiography competition
    • ˜        Stick & Paste Competition
    • ˜        Best out of waste Competition