Tours & Outing

  • School Tour

    A way to Explore the New Horizon
  • A highly reverenced St. Augustine has rightly said.

    The world is a book

    and those do not travel

    read only one page.

    This quote truly signifies the importance of travelling. It is on accepted fact that travelling broadens the mind, expands the knowledge & helps to develop a new approach towards life.

    Keeping this very aim and objective of travelling in mind, New Era selects different places in and out of Gujarat. The excitement of the students reaches at the eleventh cloud during this period.

    We get an overwhelming response from the students and parents after the declaration of places for tours. The tours are the perfect blend of knowledge and entertainment.


  • Taking Social Responsibility

    A grand citizen is developed from the child hood
  • We put equal emphasis on leaner of values, morals and good habits. Our staff at NEPS constantly thrive to be a role model for our students. We not only impart value education in class but equal emphasis is given to teach lessons of life in practical way by organizing.

    • Tree plantation
    • Peace Rally
    • Visit to senior citizen home
    • Visit to orphanage
    • Aids Day awareness programme
    • Visit to civil hospital
    • Cleanliness initiatives
    • Visit to public places
    • Value & Moral Education
    • Adolescence Seminar