Secondary Education

Std. 9th & 10th
  • Creating Individuality for a Lifetime

    For the first five very crucial years when a child enters his teens somewhere around the age of 13 stress is laid on growing up with varies and discipline which are the bedrocks upon which the entire edifice of success starts later on in life once children come out of the primary stage.

    During these highly important and absolutely crucial years (std. 9th to 10th ) a structured and meticulously planned curriculum global in character encompassing the entire C.B.S.E. prescribed syllabi are introduced very prudently and judiciously. Inherent abilities and shortcomings of students are identified and they are groomed and trained adequately to develop their skills and abilities.

    Appropriate physical activities are administered to help students overcome their numerous shortcomings.

    Our students are groomed to lead a value-based life

    The Board and internal exams of standard 10th are given special importance with suitable and appropriate extra preparations to excel in Board exams.


    Note : SA-1 , SA-2 papers are supplied by respective bound.

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