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  • Hardik_Padaliya

    Hardik D. Padaliya
    MBA – Hofstra University (U.S.A.)
    Certified Private Consultant

  • Dear Parents,

    I feel fortunate and honored to have been appointed at prestigious New Era Public School (NEPS). My name is Hardik Padaliya, I was born in Morbi and have lived in Mumbai, Pune and New York(U.S.A.) for past 13 years, I graduated with bachelor degree in Engineering, Masters degree in Management from Hofstra University, New York and Certified Private Consultant of Marketing.

    I began my career as Telecomm Engineer with Reliance infocom, and then worked with Wipro Technologies. Later I joined Mil-Spec Industries (New York) as Marketing Manager, Before coming to Morbi, I had successful  career as Vice President of a multinational organization, and owned businesses.

    Whenever our children go out of Morbi, they go through a kind of low feeling, a feeling of not being up to the mark. I felt the same way when I went to Mumbai for the first time & when I went to U.S.A. I would not like any of our students to go through such a situation in future. My vision is to prepare our students to compete with students from any where in the world, educate them not only to get best educational results but also for personal and intellectual development.

    My purpose for joining New Era Public School is simple, to prepare our students for local as well as global competition. As all of us know even the best and the brightest students of Morbi, lacks behind in competition with students of other schools in India. We are in dire need of a REVOLUTIONARY educational institute, which can prepare our kids to compete nationally and globally.

    To continue on this purpose, we first need a school, which understands such a competition. And we need a school management and staff who share same vision for our students. I can assure you to build such capabilities at NEPS.

    So what are my priorities as instructional leader? My priorities includes: Increasing student achievement through increasing teachers quality and effectiveness in the classroom, increasing parental involvement that promotes clear support of the instructional program and removing “at-risk” rating score on our school’s report card to an “excellent” report card rating, prepare them for competition they are going to face in future, But none of my priorities are as important as our kids. This is the single most important area that I will not compromise nor weary.

    This year is going to be “Great” as we continue to provide academic experiences for out students that are rigorous, relevant and builds relevant and builds relationships. As your principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps through our doors-staff, students, and parents must excited to be here! This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun and nurturing environment.

    I can assure you that your children are in the hands of the best. Our staff has displayed hard work and dedication above and beyond the normal duty of their positions. My goal is to provide students a positive, fun, learning experience throughout their study. We the staff and !, will encourage each student to work to his/her full potential.

    I feel that my responsibility is to ensure that your child receives a quality education within a safe, respectful environment. I promise that our children will be nurtured with academic, non-academic (physical, emotional & spiritual) values. I that know the staff at NEPS shares that same focus. I am a firm believer in the home/school connection. Please feel free to contact me at the school with any questions, concerns, or just to introduce yourself. Remember working together will only enhances your child’s educational experiences.