Pre-Primary Education

We Ensure Stress Free Learning
  • New Era Kids World

    Smiles, giggles and laughter are the language little children use to communicate and express their emotions

    The pre-primary schooling of New Era happens to create and roster a very happy environment for all the little angels who come to us in their most formative years.

    Everyday the school is filled with fun joy and boisterous laughter of happy children during the happiest hours of their life.

    Their learning system and their equipment and teaching aids the play-things, the puzzles and mind development games, together with the overall ambiance that is most meticulously and selectively prepared, go on to create a very happy and highly motivating learning experience in our pre-primary school.

    The kids world in New Era have the best teachers who act as ‘mothers’ highly loving and caring. Every child is made to feel important and extra efforts are made to ensure that they feel very happy and enjoy their schooling, where every child having a story of their own to tell others, lots of fun games, applause, singing and dancing and almost a daily motherly hug.

    We have introduced the “Euro-kids” method of teaching at this pre-primary stage which focuses on hands-on-experiences, without overstressing over burdening little minds with too much, too soon.

    We offer them the advantages of the Euro-kids and Montessori methods of teaching.

    Here the creative abilities of students are manifested.

    The tiny tots of New Era enter the school in a happy mood and carry back loads of happiness. Here the teachers possess multi faceted talents and personalities and are academically sound and adequately trained.

    Each child in our KG section is groomed in such a manner that his multi-dimensional personality blossoms a wholesome child with well developed traits of character.

  • Our Courses are age-appropriate

    and meticulously planned.
  • At the entry point, that is at the Nursery level they should be 

    Nursery Level              2.5 Yrs
    Lower KG (LKG)        3+ to 4 Yrs
    Upper KG (UKG)        4+ to 5 Yrs

    Our pre-primary teachers play a very important role very close to that of mothers at home.

    God cannot be every where, so he made Mothers and Teachers.

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