Educational Policies

we provide quality education
  • The Essence of Quality Education

  • What most ambitious and hard working parents want is to eventually admit their children in reputed schools whose products are held in high esteem all over the country. 

    Extensive research has shown that a good school that always creates quality in education doesn’t require too many luxuries and highly expensive amenities like air-conditioned class rooms and 5 star hotel like food and other facilities. 

    Their emphasis lies elsewhere as they pursue quality and excellence in education.

    There are some fundamental factors that determine excellence & quality in education.

    Not more than 20 to 30 students to a class room This is the first and foremost of all the criteria; that is to limit the no. of students to a teacher, in order to enable teachers to offer individual attention and take care of those special cases (weak and brilliant both) and to impact their students effectively without any tension or anxiety.

    A good school not only recruits trained teachers but also lays a great deal of stress on training their teachers through in-service training programmers. We belong to this group.

  • We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased,
    the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet

    — Swami Vivekananda
    • No.
      No. of Students
    • 1
      Nursery & K.G.
      30 to 35
    • 2
      1st to 4th
      Primary School
      30 to 35
    • 3
      5th to 8th
      Middle School
      30 to 35
    • 4
      9th & 10th
      Secondary School
      30 to 35
    • 5
      11th & 12th
      Science Stream(CBSE Board) (PCM & PCB Group)
      30 to 35
    • 6
      11th & 12th
      Science Stream(GSEB Board) (A & B Group)
      30 to 35
    • 7
      11th & 12th
      Commerce Stream (CBSE Board)
      30 to 35
  • Quality Policy of New Era

  • We give individual attention to every child towards his or her growth and progress in the field of:

    • Academic Development
    • Physical Development
    • Skill and Talent Development
    • Social Awareness
    • Development of Moral Values.
    • Emotional& Spiritual Development
    • Complete personality development
  • Our Aim

    Our aim is to bring about a meaningful and useful change in the physical, Intellectual, emotional & spiritual personality of every child and to help in developing and elevating him to lead a higher degree of life which will eventually enable him to outperform and excel in life, We aim..

    The best of opportunities to learn under the tutelage of caring and dedicated teachers, in a peaceful environment with state-of-the art infrastructure for both academic and leisure activities. Our campus life guarantees that your child develops the much needed social skills, technical prowess, confidence and perspective. Our students will be independent and adaptable.

    • To promote an all-round development of  children under our care
    • To stimulate a love for learning for a life time
    • To develop all the facilities of the self
    • To encourage team spirit and to nurture individual & group excellence
    • To provide the best possible Infrastructure and Faculty
    • To focus on multiple Intelligence in the upbringing of children
    • To nurture human values that will help the child to face the many challenges of life
    • To discover and nurture the hidden potential of every individual child so that they excel and surge forward, creating evermore landmarks as they progress