Faculty Profile

  • Innovative Ideas by our Faculty

  • The world around us, especially the world of quality schools are full of innovations and spellbinding ideas.

    Staff Statement
    Teachers Training

    We in this school propel our students to become thinkers and highly creative and imaginative persons as they grow up.

    Our teaching methodology in classrooms, the delivery of curriculum and our evaluation system motivate children to think in different directions and dimensions.

    This approach fine tunes each individual to develop a unique personality.

    The level of thinking, creativity and the uniqueness of ideas of every individual child have been multiplied by the systems and methods adopted by this School.

  • Unique personalities have unique ideas & only ideas rule the world.

  • Our teachers are selected based on expertise as well as for qualities such as dedication, patience and devotion. Further, they are innovative in making learning a pleasurable adventure. They inculcate a desire in the young minds to learn and excel. Classrooms at New Era Public School are not merely podiums for tutors to enlighten students, but a place for students to shed their inhibitions and discuss issues freely. Our faculty regularly participates in seminars and workshops on child education for updating the developments. We encourage our teachers to experiment with new methods of teaching both indoor and out-door.

  • Learning That WorksExperienced staff

    Our learning experience in this school are designed to draw out the dormant talents of our children.

    We believe that this approach is more powerful than trying to insert information in their minds.

    The emotions that our programmers evoke alter the way students regard themselves leading to a visible shift in their mindsets, subsequently leading to developing new skills and behaviours.

    This continuous application results in improved all-round performances .

    Keeping this end in mind, our teachers are chosen very carefully and trained adequately and appropriately so that they, in turn go to any length to shape and mould the future of our students.

  • Connected to a Better Future

    Teachers & students have to be well connected with other advanced and progressive public schools to get acquainted with the trend of innovations and experiments undergoing in different parts of India and abroad to move ahead with confidence and determination.

    Educational tours, sports movements workshops and friendly inter-school competitions offer the student and his teachers a golden opportunity to remain connected to other progressive schools & public schools.

    We in New Era plan to create this connectivity to peer groups and quality around us in Gujarat and India and over- seas with maximum exposure through internet electronic and print media, field trips etc.

  • Meet Our StaffFull of Dedication, Patience & Devotion

  • God cannot be every where, so he made Mothers and Teachers.

  • Our pre-primary teachers play a very important role very close to that of mothers at home.

    Our teachers are sincere loving & caring highly contributive dedicated, capable and very competent.