• Our Campus New Generation School

  • This school is cosmopolitan in character and aims to preserve & enhance the highest standards of excellence in every sphere of school activities in order to prepare the new generation of the 21st century.
  • Very soon we are planning to create a much larger campus with residential facility and more games grounds a swimming pool, two tennis courts two more basketball and village ball courts and two large multi-purpose grounds where football cricket and athletics can be conducted.

    We also have ambitious plans of introducing horse riding in the new campus in the near future·

    In the new campus, we also wish to introduce a large & spacious children’s park where the pre-primary kids will enjoy greatly.

    Our school is equipped with a large Library a large computer room and three science laboratories for physics, chemistry & biology.

    Presently we have special rooms for art & craft, dance, music classes and 2 play grounds.

    Our class rooms are equipped with the latest L.C.D. projector and a big screen for smart class based interactive learning

  • Laboratory Facilities of Our School

  • New Era Public School has well equipped separate lab for physics, chemistry & Biology.

    Our students are offered sufficient practical classes based on their curriculum in the separate large and spacious science labs for physics chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

    The school also houses exclusive special labs for mathematics, English Language & Social Sciences.

  • Library Facility of N.E.P.S.

  • A large and well-stocked library with prudently selected variety of books are available for all levels of students in the school.

    A special feature of our library is the new concept of class libraries where books are distributed to students by the librarian and their class teachers on rotation for 7 days.

    A number of national English dailies and useful and age appropriate magazines are made available for staff and students.

  • Campus Safetyin Our School

  • The New Era Public School campus is developed in such a way that the safety of our children is given paramount importance.

    First aid facility, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment are installed at vantage points.

    • No child leaves school unattended
    • To ensure safety students board vehicles inside the campus.
    • Sanitation and Hygiene is well maintained in campus.
  • AccessibleTransport Facility

    The school has 13 buses that covers the entire city and surrounding areas. The safety and comfort of children are our primary concern and it is taken of with the experienced and rules abiding drivers and conductors. Every year authorities add on to this number.

  • Creating a Better Worldfor Our Students

    The world today is nothing but a global village. The challenges of the coming generation will be global with international competition and your children who are in school now will have to live a life that needs a Iot of preparations for success.

    A better world for your sons and daughters cannot be achieved without a better schooling which is appropriate and fit for the 21st  Century.       

    This child of the 21st century will have to be prepared and trained adequately to meet the demands of the most advanced scientific and business world.

    We in NEPS focus our attention on this global expectations and train your children to come out successfully with flying colors and hence deliver the best needed age-appropriate education for that advanced and better world of tomorrow with focus on value and Moral education and English speaking as well.

  • Play Groundsin Our School

  • The school has a good Sports Education programme which incorporates fun and builds children’s athletic skills by exposing them to gamut of sports. Students adore the thrill of skating and are made available standardized facilities for Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Basket ball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Cricket.

    It is this advantage that has won the school and the students name and fame at district and state level.

     (Photos and name of students: District and State level winners)


    Physical Dimension of Education
    Indoor Games

    Different groups of students are exposed to various indoor games like Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Table Tennis etc for about an hour every day.

    Outdoor Sports, Physical and March Past training

    Our students are given ample coaching in a number of outdoor games to take care of the Physical Dimension of Education. INTER-HOUSE COMPETITIONS ARE REGULARLY HELD IN THESE GAMES & SPORTS.

    Following are the facilities available

    Athletics, Taekwondo, Volley ball, Basketball, Tennis, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho.
    Our school also offers plenty of opportunities to our students to develop their multiple Intelligence through music, classical dance. Art & craft etc.