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  • Independence Day

    On 15th August New Era Public School celebrates Independence Day in a very patriotic manner. Both the schools of Navsarjan Education Trust i.e. New Era Public School and Navjivan Vidhyalay together celebrates this day. The students of both the schools remains present in a very large number. Inspiring speeches in Hindi, English, patriotic songs becomes the part of the programme.

    At last all sung the National Anthem and departed carrying within the sense of collective belonging and the spirit of patriotism.

    Gandhi Jayanti

    On 2nd Octobers, we at NEPS try to rejuvenate the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi by celebrating his birthday in the simplest yet unique fashion.
    The program begins by lighting the lamp before the photo of Mahatma Gandhi which is followed by a musical program in which a group of students sing the favorite bhajans of bapu.
    Some senior students give occasional speeches. The school gifts sarees to the female cleaning staff and a pair of pant and shirt to the male cleaning staff.
    There are two most inspiring parts of the program. The first part is the food cooked by the teachers and with the help of cooking raw material brought by the students. The second most interesting part is the cleaning of whole school by the students and the teachers. The objective behind this is to make students understand the message of Gandhiji i.e “Dignity of labour” which says that no work is inferior or superior. It has its own dignity and importance.
    In short on this day one can see Gandhiji’s idea coming alive in New Era.

    Teacher's Day

    It has been the tradition of our country to place the Gurus at the highest position. They are often compared with the Gods. A teacher or a Guru plays a pivotal role in bringing about a total transformation in the overall personality of a student.
    Moved by the same objective we celebrated the teacher’s day on 5th September which is also remembered as the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna. The program begins by lighting lamp. On this day the school teachers are given off day and in their place the senior students are given the charge to teach the juniors. The assembly is conducted by these students teachers. They expressed their gratitude towards their teachers by giving them flowers They get very excited and happy as the day given them a chance to play their favourite teachers’ role. They are supervised by the school teachers. At the end of the day the names of the best three student-teachers are declared.
    The teaching staff enjoys this day very much. They get very proud seeing their students trying to walk on their path.


    The day which really leaves deep imprint in every one’s mind is as we celebrated the festival of goddesses, ‘Navratri’ with pomp and show.
    The school ambience is very spiritual as it is the day to invoke our goddesses.
    The students are divided into six categories. The nursery kids are the first to play garba. Each category plays garba according to their turn. All the students comes in a very nice attire. They all look very attractive. The musical band plays beautiful and ear soothing garbas which makes the atmosphere lively. The students exhibits different styles of garba. The last round is the parents – teachers round in which the invited parents and teachers unloads them of the burden of routine life by playing Garba.
    At the end, the respected judges declares the prince and the princess of each category. The winners are given away the prices and are well applauded by the people. Overall the function is always wonderful and is enjoyed by all.


    On in New Era’s premise, one can see young Radha and Krishna taking all on the tour of Vrindavan and Gokul as Janmashthmi the birth day of Lord Krishna celebrated with pomp and show.
    The school’s ambience becomes exuberant and spiritual. The students wear traditional clothes. The school is beautifully decorated. The Matki Fod program is set on the school play ground¸ Every one’s heart starts throbbing heavily when one of the student break the Matki. The children enjoys this day to fullest. The day is followed by 5 days break.

  • Christmas Day

    Like other festivals Christmas is also celebrated at New Era.
    The school is beautifully decorated by the teachers and the students. The program is held on the school play ground. The students from nursery to std. 5th gathers on the ground. The small kids presents some beautiful dances on sweet melodies of Christmas i.e. Jingle bells, Silent Night Holy Night.

    Guru Purnima

    It is the celebration to worship, Respect & love our Guru. Students gave flower to the teachers. Speech & songs were sung to appreciate teachers.

    Annual Day

    As our tradition we celebrate Annual day with different theme which can spread awareness among us about society. Many months preparation with regular practice we always present best programme. From Nursery to 10th standard students take part in dance, drama, mime, puppet show, horror show and fashion show.


    Exhibition of different subjects as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Hindi, English, Art & Craft, Best out of waste photography, PPT etc. it imbibe the creativity & self dependency in students.
    They exhibition it & parents come to see the innovations.

    Children Day

    Children’s day is always celebrated with great joy as it is Birthday of our late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Students & Trustees garland photograph of Jawaharlal Nehru & then children sing song, few speeches given: Values of Nehruji & his work for the country.

  • Celebrationswith all celebrations

    Celebrations are an integral part of growing up in New Era Pubic School.

    Through different celebrations children learn a lot about the various traditions of our country and this being a part of the spiritual dimension of education, a great deal of stress is laid on this aspect.


  • The following celebrations are held in the Pre-Primary  wing of New Era Pubic School.
  • Colors Day (Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow)

    In this day we use to do different types of activity and children enjoys wearing different colour dress.

    Vegetable Day

    To cultivate the habits of eating healthy and to make our students senses develop to their best we celebrate there days with them

    Parents Day

    We always keep in touch with our parents for the better result of our students.

    Fruits Day Celebration

    An Apple a day keeps doctor a way. Our motto is practically implemented in the work.

    Kite- Flying Day

    In this day children use to bring kites and classes, and children flyies the kites.

    Field trips

    NEPS trains kids how to be bold from the very basic level, we take turn for various field trips.

  • Diwali Celebration

    Light colours Diyas and Rangoli fill our life with delight as we fill our students life with these colours with our celebrations.

    Children's Park day

    Our children enjoy to be in Parle with their teacher and friends.

    Teachers day

    Teachers our the second mothers for our students we develop a very friendly atmosphere for them.

    Christmas celebration

    We teach our student’s be secular by respect my all religions.

    Annual Prize giving day

    We appraise our students by rewarding them with special prizes regular interval in our school.

    Healthy Food Day

    NEPS always puts students health first relating to it we always provide them to eat healthy and remain healthy.

    Fancy Dress Celebration

    Lilliput Day is organized in which More than 100 student of pre-primary participates. There are various unique creations to see.