“For stress free friendships follow these simple Do’s and Donts”

July 02, 2015
    • Do make them cards or give
    • Do let your pals have their own opinion
    • Do tell your friends if you’re upset or worried
    • Do stick up your pals or get help if they’ re being teased or bullied
    • Do try to make new pals even if you’re got a lot already
    • Do give your pals attention. As no one likes to feel neglected.
    • Do be there for your friends whenever they need you. Always be there with tissues, chocolates and try to cheer them.
    • Don’t bombard them with gifts They’ll think you’re overboard
    • Don’t insist to do everything together. Everyone needs some space
    • Don’ ever reveal a secret your friend has told you. It’s not your business to go spreading it our.
    • Don’t always complain constantly so listen to your friends and cheer them up.
    • Don’t get tealous when your friends meet new people.
    • Don’t ever laugh at your friends if he or she is less stylish. helps them to look better
    • Don’t laugh at your pals when the embarrass themselves. You might think its hilarious bat try to keep straight face.
  • – Dev G. Tulsaniya

    Std. :- 4th A

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