House System

  • The House system at the New Era Public School is designed to connect students, teachers and staff through a common identity, cause and activity that focus on most of the activities outside the classroom and serve to promote a spirit of friendly and healthy competition in sporting, literary and cultural activities. They also help to promote a feeling of belongingness amongst the members of the School who are from different backgrounds.

    The students are divided into four different school Houses based around the Classical Elements:

    • AETHER Aakash (Blue)
    • FIRE Agni (Red)
    • EARTH Pruthvi (Green)
    • AIR Vayu (Yellow)

    We promote a healthy, competitive spirit in a variety of activities that connect our students across all year groups, engaging them in meaningful relationships with one another. We make every effort to balance the Houses within all areas of our school.

    House points can be awarded to a student who makes above expected progress, shows improvement, or takes a leadership role. Many House competitions are held throughout the year and students have the opportunity to enter events and achieve points towards their House team. Every events earn House points which are collected over the year and updated on the House notice board.

    Each House has a designated member of staff who is the House Leader (House Master and House Mistress). Engaged in promoting cooperation and healthy competition throughout the school, their work is supported by student House Captains. At the end of the year a prestigious House Cup is awarded to the House that accrues the most points.