“My House on Fire”

July 02, 2015

One day, Mom was cooking food,
It felt great, because the smell was good!

I rushed to her to see what she was making,
My senses told me that she was baking!

Mom said she was baking a cake!
“Yummy!” I said “But for goodness” sake,

Don’t put in chocolate, because that’s what I hate!”
I got ready to eat – I took out my plate.

Mom gave me the cake but didn’t switch off the stove,
I added in some vanilla, because that’s what I love!

An house later, I was screaming and shouting,
Mom left the stove on and our house was burning!

“Oh no! our house is burning up!”
And then suddenly, I wake up!

I realized it was horrible dream.
To get relaxed, I ate some vanilla cream!

– Jainil Devani
Std. 8th B

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