School Time

July 02, 2015
  •  We are happy going to school
    Though It’s hot or cool
  •  What we have to do ?
    Pack our bag and polish our shoes
  •  The breakfast and meal which provide a school of day
    But let me tell you we like to run away and play
  •  We are punctual there
    No doubt so much hardship we bear
  • There teachers teach well and good
    And, ask us to well behave with brotherhood
  •  We demand always for sports
    But are not always support
  • This is the routine of my school time
    I am back at home when the sun stops shine
  •  I promised myself to give the best of my cast
    And get up earlyto be ready to reach my school fast.

– Zaki ahmad
Std. :- 8th B

I am glad that you’re my DadGod Help Those Who Help themselves